2016-2018 Paper Share

Paper Share a 6x6 sampler of all the designer series paper  thats 100 6x6 pieces for 24.00 plus 6.80 shipping. (If you live close you don't have to pay shipping)

All 6x6
Pop of pink - 5 double sided and 1 foil  design
Irresistibly floral- 6 single sided
Affectionately Yours- 5 double sided and 1 single sided
This Christmas- 6
Floral Boutique - 6
Maraccan -6
Fruit stand -6
Bloom and Bliss -6
Festive birthday -6
By the shore-6
A little foxy -12
Serene Scenery-12
Playful Palette- 12
2016-2018 in colors- 2 double sided of each color . - 10

Total 106 6x6 pieces for 24.00
Priority shipping 6.80

Open to the first 8 people, if one group fills I will open a second group.
Email me at momtoZac@yahoo.com to reserve your spot. I will send you a paypal invoice and on June 1st (as long as all 8 spots are full) I will order the paper.

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