Sunday Share

Hello and welcome back, as you can tell the leaves are changing here in Ohio. I love live love Fall. I love watching my beautiful tree in my front yard cage with the season.  I am glad I got this photo as we have had wind the last few days and now most of the leaves are on the ground.

Our baby is turning 11 months old Tuesday, it's hard to believe he is getting so big and changing so much. Ernie is wanting to take him hunting this season. I am not to excited about that but we will see how it goes, 

Here is my happy planner for this week. I love getting together with my niece, and sister to do our Happy Planner s,  I actually did a little planning ahead I got a couple adorable kits from river street stickers and just had to plan ahead. 

So this week I am going to be working on some craft/vendor fair items. This is me wor king on my customer packets to pass out November 12, 2016.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post today. Check back tomorrow for more great ideas. 

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