Sunday Share

Hello and welcome back to my blog, I am starting a new thing today on Sundays I am going to share with you a little bit of my family life.
I will be sharing project life layouts from time to time other times it will just be a little update about my family.

So here is my son Zachary he is 19 and my niece BreeAnna she is 20 , they have decided they still need to go to the pumpkin patch and this is them after picking there pumpkins and one the wagon ride back to the cars. 

So one thing you may know about my family is we competition show coonhounds, we got to UKC , AKC, and NKC shows we mostly stay in Ohio for the shows.  In the picture above is my son Zac and he is showing our 10 month old  Scioto River Triple Jack. Jack is my baby, Jack is an English Coonhound, he is breed from my kennel and a friend of mine. He was born at my dried kennel on December 8th, 2015 and came home to his forever home just a short 4 weeks later. 
He is my baby and we started showing him at 6 months old. We set him back to give him time to mature a bit and he is now  showing for his UKC title. 

This is my wonderful hubby, Ernie we have been together for 20 years and he is the love of my life.  We belong to a couple local coon clubs, we recently went to a meeting / work day and this picture I took of Ernie carrying the branches of to add to the pile for the fire we will be burning to roast marshmallows for our youth handles in November. 

So, this is my Sunday share. I am totally in love with my happy planner and this is my spread for this week. 

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