Sunday Share- Fathers day!!

Hello an Happy Father's Day! I hope you have a great day planned. I will be spending the day with my wonderful Husband and son.  Father's day is always hard for me as I am a daddy's girl and 13 years ago on June 11th I lost my daddy. So  that right one week before fathers day and 6 months before out birthdays where I would turn 30 years old. I have really been missing him a lot the last few weeks and so today I wanted to share with you a couple photos of my daddy and also of the other amazing Father in my life my wonderful husband Ernie

                         This is a picture of my mom an dad, it was one of the few professional pictures they ever had taken.  My mom passed away October 19th, 1995.
This is one o my favorite pictures of my dad and Zac. Zac was always excited to go to papa, and being the youngest grandson my dad got to spend a lot of time with Zac and they were very close. When my dad got sick Zac always wanted to go and be with him and sit with him and watch TV.
This is my wonderful Husband Ernie,  Doing what we Love to do Show dogs. Ernie and I meet 21 years ago at a dog show. I was showing a Black and Tan female and he was the bench show judge. We talked for a long time, stated going to shows together and hunting together. Then now here we are still doing what we love together. And the night this picture was taken we actually sat back and watched our son Zac show his 2 - 6 month old pups and male and a female and he won with both. 
 This is my boys before the dog show, Ernie is holding Chance and Zac is holding Riva waiting for the time that for Zac to show.
I love watching them together weather it is our working in the garden, taking care of the dogs, working on the truck, etc. The argue and fight around but they are close and you can see the amazing bond that they have as Father and Son.

This photo was taken the day Zac graduated from High School,
pictured left to Right is Jamey ( Ernie's oldest), Zac ( Ernie's Youngest) and Amey ( Ernie's Girl) Then Ernie
 I love this picture of Ernie with his Kids, he loves them all very much.

So in closing I hope you have a wonderful fathers day and I wish all the dad's out there an amazing father's day.

See you tomorrow

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