#ImbringingBirthdaysback Card Class

#ImBringingBirthdaysback Card Class

Have you noticed that almost no one sends birthday cards anymore. Well we have decided to bring them back. Join the #ImBringingBirthdaysBack movement by signing up for my #ImBringingBirthdaysback card class.

When: May 7, 2016 – Prepaid sign up by April 29, 2016

Where:  306 Rosewood Ave
          Mt. Sterling, Ohio 43143

Time: 12pm-2pm

Cost: There is a few options.

Option # 1 – $30.00- Which included the Endless Wishes Stamp set (140273),
a package of Blender pens (102845), and 5 cards with envelopes.

Option #2- $15.00- you come make 5 cards with envelopes.

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